My name is Dick Timmer. I am an Assistant Professor (wissenschaftlicher Beschäftigter, fixed-term) in moral and political philosophy at the Technical University Dortmund.

My research is in moral and political philosophy. I think and write about distributive justice, economic ethics, climate change, responsibility, activism, state neutrality, and moral status, among other things. I am also interested in meta-oriented questions about methods and arguments in normative philosophy.

In September 2021, I defended my doctoral thesis entitled Thresholds and Limits in Theories of Distributive Justice at Utrecht University, which I wrote under the supervision of Ingrid Robeyns. In Utrecht, I was a member of the ERC Fair Limits Project. I am now an affiliate member of that research project.

I am an active contributor to public debates. I have written about my work in blog posts and essays, and have been interviewed for Algemeen Dagblad, Het Financieele Dagblad, Nederlands Dagblad, Radio 1, De Standaard, and Trouw, among others. I am an editor of the popular Dutch philosophy blog Bij Nader Inzien.

I have studied philosophy (BA & MA) and religious studies and theology (BA) at Utrecht University, and as a visiting student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Protestant Theological University.

Together with my wife and two children, I live in Gouda (the Netherlands).