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My name is Dick Timmer. I am an Assistant Professor (wissenschaftlicher Beschäftigter, fixed-term) in moral and political philosophy at the Technical University Dortmund.

My research is in political philosophy and ethics. I think and write about distributive justice, economic ethics, climate change, responsibility, future generations, activism, and moral status, among other things. I am also interested in meta-oriented questions about methods and arguments in normative philosophy.

I am an active contributor to public debates. I have given interviews and published pieces on a variety of topics, such as climate ethics, flying, limits to wealth, and refugees, in media outlets such as Algemeen Dagblad, De Correspondent, Het Financieele Dagblad, NRC Handelsblad, Radio 1, Trouw, and De Volkskrant. I am currently writing two books for a general audience on distributive justice (under contract with De Geus).

In September 2021, I defended my doctoral thesis entitled Thresholds and Limits in Theories of Distributive Justice at Utrecht University, which I wrote under the supervision of Ingrid Robeyns. In Utrecht, I was a member of the ERC Fair Limits Project.

I have studied philosophy (BA & MA) and religious studies and theology (BA) at Utrecht University, and as a visiting student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Protestant Theological University.

Together with my spouse and two children, I live in Gouda (the Netherlands).